Passing By

The Pic Talks- “You run and try to be ahead , you push and try to lead. All this will remain when the end is near, why would you not look at the beauty of each moment , why would you not breathe & smell the fresh air. Do it today , do it now … Continue reading Passing By

Looking Glass

THE PIC TALKS-  “Why do you look down upon yourself , why do you wait for approval & recognition, why do you think not twice but innumerable times for doing what you desire, why do you wait for a nod from someone , Don’t do that. Be like ME, look at your face in the … Continue reading Looking Glass

fall & RISE

THE PIC TALKS – I’m indestructible, I’m never broken , I drown and then push myself out, catch my glow if you can , shine like I do , I exist even when I’m not seen . I listen to everything but do as I deem true, I share my warmth , I don’t differentiate, … Continue reading fall & RISE

Road Runner…

THE PIC TALKS-  ” When you’re on the road , you are your only friend. You might leave those vehicles behind but your true self will always remain with you. Look out the window everything is passing you by , you have no one waiting for you. So don’t look in that mirror to see … Continue reading Road Runner…